Saturday, August 10, 2019

Monetizing Like Minds - Section 12

Sharing Slick Secrets

“If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations”
- Bill Gates.

It seems safe to assume that Bill Gates is a Bernays devotee. And that he passed along lessons from Propaganda as he mentored the young Zuck. Certainly, Bernays' mention of an "enormous amplifying system" would have resonated with Zuckerberg's Network Effect research. So it's no surprise that the he concocted a rascally mashup of "Friction Free Capitalism" and Engineering Consent which he called "Frictionless Sharing".

It was introduced without warning, even to Facebook's tech partners. Many, such as Spotify, were harmfully impacted by it. Frictionless sharing resulted in massive amounts of unintended friction for Facebook. Even calls for an FTC probe. But it wasn't the threat of Federal regulation that got this disastrous feature removed. It was the simple fact that user interest was so low, it would probably never be profitable.

One year into its quest to get us to passively share everything with each other all the time, it's starting to sink in at Facebook that people aren't very interested in bringing radical transparency to their digital lives.
Frictionless Sharing Hits the Skids at Facebook
The Atlantic - Sept. 2012
As always, the negative flack just spurred Zuckerberg (by this point including Sheryl Sandberg) to take cover under another mea culpa PR blitz while contriving even more surreptitious means to ill-gotten gains. It's a "move fast and break things" business strategy built to circumvent any detrimental consequence for the company. To date, it has worked very well.


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